Hi, I'm Casey! I'm so grateful you are here. 

I am a firm believer in capturing authentic, joy-filled moments that give back for the greater good.

Hold up, give back for the greater good? You might be scratching your head wondering what I mean. I'll let you in on a little secret friends, when you book with me 10% of proceeds from your session will go towards a non-profit that is changing lives every single day! Here's the cool thing, you as the client get to choose which non-profit your session will be benefiting. I want you to play a part in the giving back. To learn more about the non-profits that you can support click here.

You see I believe in timeless photos and simple moments. 50 years from now I hope you can pull out your engagement/wedding/family photos and sprawl out on the living room floor with your giggling grand-kiddos, pointing to the moments of love unfolding between the two of you. 

I want to tell the story of YOU.

So let's laugh and dance and celebrate a good day with tacos. 

Let's create something wonderful. 


We create because we were made to create, having been made in the image of God, whose first role was creator. He was and is a million different things, but in the beginning, he was a creator. That means something for us, I think. We were made to be the things that He is: forgivers, redeemers, second-chance givers, truth-tellers, hope-bringers. And we are certainly, absolutely, made to be creators.
— Shauna Niequist, Bittersweet

|| a little more about me || 

-I married my best friend who manages to increase the smile lines on my face at a rapid pace
 -I'll choose hot tea over coffee any day, gimme that London Fog pronto
- I call Texas home but love to travel
-Jesus changed my heart and because of Him I live life with purpose chasing after His promises

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